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Genesis, as Science, Superb!

How could we honor this book as it deserves?

As was to be expected from a true book on the origins of all things, the wealth of information to be found in Genesis is enormous.

Besides theology itself, whether it be cosmology, structuring of complex systems, human psychology, or world historical development everything seems to have been considered in this incredible book, the foundation for the Gospel, for the Apocalypse, and the key to actual wisdom.

If somebody told you, that it's in Genesis that the key to Bible exegesis is to be found, and that the same exegesis applied to world history would lead us to decipher God's will in the discovery of America as a central point in world history, would you believe it?

And would you believe, further discoveries would permit to decipher messages to be clearly written in geography itself, all this with Genesis as the central information source? America was discovered in 1492, but Genesis in full we are just beginning to discover.

In Genesis 2: 19 God presents the methodology for Bible exegesis by granting names the fundamental importance they have. Adam receives from God who proudly presents His creatures to him the additional gift, due to his dignity, of naming them according to his own intelligence of their nature. If the importance of this does not sink in, remember that His great gift to Moses and to the people of Israel was to reveal His name to them. Remember also, that the first thing He did with Abraham was to change his name to give it meaning beyond compare for the old Testament, and that He also changed Abraham's wife's name. It was also by changing names that Jacob became Israel. If you feel this still to be insufficient, just remember how it was that Peter, the apostle, got his name!

Names stand out as acts of God, as parts of Creation from the very first book of Genesis to the book of Revelation, or Apocalypse. In other words, from the very beginning to the very end of the Bible, names are shown to be as fundamental as a true book of origins must hold them to be.

All names, from the most certain—such as day,or night—to the most mysterious such as the name of the Beast in Revelation 13:17. Names that are as nature descriptive as wo-man taken from man, to names encoding the prize for the conqueror in Apocalypse 2:17 "He, that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches: To him that overcometh, I will give the hidden manna, and will give him a white counter, and in the counter, a new name written, which no man knoweth, but he that receiveth it."

And God, Creator and Redeemer, our Evangelizer would not permit this to go unnoticed and used geography itself to back the record. This is the first convergence, as was to be expected from a true book of origins, the convergence of geography with history. For is not geography the setting for the historical drama that time was meant to deploy?

And what wealth of information for our days!

Would you doubt that Eve was taken from Adam's rib? Then look at Alfred Wegener's theories on the displacement of continents. Notice how South America broke off the African continent. Notice how both South America and Africa resemble hearts—as well as geographical configurations can represent them, roughly—and give and added emphasis to that which is held within the rib cage. You doubt? This is only the beginning.

Let us go to Genesis 3: 15-17, the centrality of which can’t be doubted as it closes a universe and opens another. It closes the earthly Paradise we never knew, that brief era in which God saw all He created and found it good for immortal man, and opens the cursed is the earth for thy sake of sinful, mortal, suffering humanity. The Era of the immediate consequences of sin.

Now, would you believe that Genesis portrays what it says herewith with such precision as to solve the questions it presents? Let us go to the first question, whose heel is the serpent trying to bite, the woman's or her seed's? Question No. 2: Which of the two crushes the serpent's head? Question No. 3: Who is this woman, and who is her seed? Would you believe the answers to be all there? Surprisingly they are! And the story couldn't be more interesting as even the discovery of America happens to reinforce the story beyond mere theory as shall be seen a few paragraphs below.

Upon these fundamental assumptions, it should be more within the expected, than surprising, to have fundamental changes linked to the changes in name to signal the way ahead. And as it was also to be expected, due to the diversity of languages, the main power of the century's language would rule the process. So, for this step of the process you will need a few words from a Spanish dictionary, as Spain was foremost in the 15th century (1492), and was charged with the discovery of the American continent.

The name of two ports are milestone names for Spain as discoverer and conquering power. The first is "Puerto de Palos", literally "Port of Sticks" which was Columbus departing point in 1492, and the port of arrival by Cortez the Conqueror of Mexico in 1521: "Veracruz", a contraction of "Verdadera" and "Cruz" meaning "True Cross". In other words, the mission of discovery and conquest was to move from mere sticks to the True Cross. And this transition would link the three aspects of the Spanish destiny: Discovery, military conquest, and spiritual conquest.

But the surprises are just beginning. In the same way that every milestone name had signified a mission in the Bible; history, God's unfolding of his projects would show his will with force unparalleled. Three ships in a single mission as befits the Trinity’s stamp upon history, and as was to be expected for the singularity of the discovery of America, a mission headed by a man called Christopher in remembrance of the third century Saint who carried the child Jesus through the waters. Christopher means Christ bearer. The name of the three ships can be combined in a single way to form a phrase: "Pinta la Niña Santa María", meaning "Paint the Virgin Mary", since "niña" in Spanish a ‘girl child’ is synonymous with virgin in all languages. This last part has a fundamental importance for the American Continent, as it refers to the miraculous image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, who is Mary, the mother of Jesus and also the triumphant "woman" of Genesis 3: 15.
This requires further elaboration, but you may prefer to have full evidence presented before we enter the Biblical aspects. Both converge in full agreement, making the way we present them of secondary importance.

Columbus of course is Christopher’s last name. From the Italian colombo, from the latin columba (f) or colombinus (m) meaning dove, it is the biblical symbol for the Holy Spirit. From history we have the man. His impressive, outstanding personality among the Grandees of the Spanish Court, and his marvelling others for his personal dedication to the Most Holy Trinity. William Thomas Walsh in his "Isabella of Spain" gives the description of his outstanding qualities.

The first man to sight land for the most famous "Tierra a la vista" in the history of the world was appropriately named Rodrigo de Triana, Rodrigo of Thrice Anne! And St. Anne was Mary Most Holy’s mother! And who is the first to "sight" a baby to be born if not her mother? Checking our geographical configurations we notice Africa to be the larger, more powerful heart of a man; geographically pertaining to The Messiah. South America is a smaller heart, more feminine corresponds to Mary’s heart as would have been perceived by St. Anne! The Woman’s Continent, The Visitation of The Holy Spirit, Christ‘s Gospel carried by Christ Bearer, and the whole mission being mandated by the imperative Paint the Virgin Mary in the Spanish of Columbus’ three Ships! Who ordered that?, all ask in surprise, remember that this hadn’t been noticed for centuries!

More surprises await us! Holy Mary had to stay in America! There was a danger of the three ships returning to Spain normally, to travel back and forth. The original intention coupled to the names would have become trivial! So a miracle enters history, a historical miracle putting Christmas foremost in the picture! At midnight, separating Christmas Eve from Christmas Day of 1492, a gust of wind took the larger ship, the Santa María (the Holy Mary) and stranded it on the beach! A shipwreck! Obviously a large amount of sailors had to remain, and in commemoration the settlement was called Villa de la Navidad, "Christmas Village", and Christmas Fort later on!

Enter Mexico and the Conquerors. The Aztecs had a high opinion of themselves. They considered themselves The People of the Sun as, such was their deity, to whom they sacrificed human victims including themselves, and their blood, to keep the sun in the heavens. They felt elected for such trascendental purpose and the Hebrews felt no greater. The Jews had rejected Christ because of His Cross, and suddenly we find a faraway people of the opposite trend! They have accepted the sacrifice before knowing the Cross of Christ!

Enter geography,
so we may be filled with astonishment at having Genesis 3:15 played over and over, the Rite of the Sun of Aztec delights being repeated every day to answer the questions above as to: The first question, whose heel is the serpent trying to bite, the woman's or her seed's? Question No. 2: Which of the two crushes the serpent's head? Question No. 3: Who is this woman, and who is her seed? The answer had to be there as Italy looks like a boot, a small full legged boot with quite a remarkable heel! My own country--Mexico is much larger--always looked to me like a woman´s shoe, with that long high-heel of the Baja Peninsula. What about the Serpent? The Red Sea of course! Crossed by Moses leading Israel away from the Pharaoh, it holds the Sinai Peninsula between its fangs. The peninsula looks also like a heart, quite a proper place for Moses to receive the Ten Commandments to redress the serpents’ bite which poisoned men’s heart against God!

The Red Sea, from space by NASA

We have thus the daily rite of the sun. The first character to appear at dawn each day (GMT+2:00) is the serpent biting, poisoning the heart of man. It is below the small boot to the east one hour’s time, in a good place to spring upwards like serpents do, to try and bite the little heel. Rome, the capital of Italy and Holy See traditional to the Vicar of Christ receives the sun one hour later (at GM+1). And seven hours later,—the Biblical Seven linked to Genesis as if it were its seal—the sun rises over Mexico City (at GMT-6) where Mary of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego. Below Mexico, Central America, again the serpent, is crushed this time by the woman’s high heeled shoe which has the added weight of the Boiling Pot with its handle being Florida.
The Italian Boot from space by NASA

This clarifies all Genesis 3:15. While the serpent tries to bite the Child Jesus’ heel, and before it manages to do so, there comes Mother and crushes its head! If you ever wondered why Rome, and why the pope has to be in Rome, you have it there!

Add to all this that both images, the Holy Shrowd and the Image of Mary of Guadalupe, came to be within the Julian Calendar, 33 A.D. and 1531 A.D. The calendar named for Julius Cesar with the same initials as Jesus Christ was set up shortly before 33 A.D. , only to fall on behalf of the Gregorian Calendar shortly after 1531. This will help you sort out the truth of both images being of supernatural origin, and therefore the opposite of what "Public Opinion" as mass media try to make them out to be.

If you ever wondered why all the fuss about the Holy Shroud, here you have it!

God’s presence in history for this message is unmistakable! For who could arrange everything so? And there is still so much more to it, including the heavens and the name of the Constellations of December skies over Mexico City!

As Gamaliel timely warned them: Beware, least you find yourselves fighting God!

Let’s see some theology now, and what better moment than this to emphasize again the phenomenal precision of Genesis? It’s in Genesis 3: 15 where the Lord sentenced: "Enmity shall I put between thee and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; she shall crush thy head, whilst thou attempts to bite his heel". The first phrase is astonishing, a woman making the worst decision conceivable has self destroyed by falling into a trap, and weakened to the very foundations of her being hears of another woman that will avenge her. But, what kind of woman can this be? What kind of strength can she have to face Satan single-handedly and crush his head?

Genesis itself had provided the answer beforehand and in a single paragraph!

It’s all in Genesis 1:26-27, which in 27: "God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them."

It must be here stated that in the ability to read, as in all things, competence is the opposite of incompetence, and there is not much middle ground! If you got the slightest idea of the power of God by reading from Genesis 1:1-27, the effect of his Word creating everything, you must grant the image of His power, power! Power befitting His image! Or, does someone find reading that difficult? Take note of: "And Jesus answering, said to them: Amen, I say to you, if you shall have faith, and stagger not, not only this of the fig tree shall you do, but also if you shall say to this mountain, Take up and cast thyself into the sea, it shall be done." Of course it's already in Genesis! If you are so unlucky as to belong to the reading school of the Reformers you’ve been lost from Genesis on!

Now here is the full traditional Catholic reading: Omnipotence is unfailing. It can’t be frustrated by a fallen angel and his accomplices, thus the fall of Adam and Eve was the backdrop for the exaltation of the New Adam, and the New Eve that were from Eternity in the mind of God.

For the perfect Image of God was not to leave ‘woman’ out, as Genesis—the book of origins—established from the beginning: "male and female created He them". The perfect image in Mary Most Holy with the corresponding power is perfectly stated in her Magnificat (Luke 1:48) in which "for He has looked upon the humiliation of His slave" states clearly—His slave—that Mary Most Holy never exercised her will as her own, she did only God’s will, developing fully only His will in her, and you must remember His will is Almighty! Thus her power, her greatness, her being second only to God!

Mary Most Holy gave an inkling of this to Italian Luisa Picarreta around fifty years ago by saying You have no idea of what it means to never, not even once do your own will. This self denial can be tougher than all the penances of the saints, more painful by the Cross than the sum of the torments of the martyrs.

Yes, there is nothing in Christianity without merit, but Christian merit has incomparable rewards!

Christ´s words: "Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven" (Matthew 7:21) are exalting His mother with himself for doing so, establishing our only passport to His Kingdom, and utterly destroying sola fide! The Fall, Original Sin, devastated the Original Image in man and in woman, thus, a recreation was in order for both, man and woman in Jesus and Mary! For such is in Genesis!

We have a much better understanding from Genesis 3:15, known as the First Announcement of the Good News, or Proto-Evangelium, of the Triumphant Woman that exercises God’s Divine Vengeance on man’s enemy. She is a special Creation to give birth to The Eternal, to give a Mother to The Unbegotten. To have God’s power for having only The Almighty Will for her only will. We have her so that God could have a Mother He could give us for a Mother.

The perfection of God’s realized plan for an intercessor to whom nothing could be denied in the heart of a mother, this mother being His very own.

And the new understanding that Paradise Regained from Paradise Lost could only be from Nature Restored as only the perfect can enter Heaven. In other words, Paradise Lost presented no problem, it was Nature lost to animal nature that destroyed God’s perfect image and became a total impediment for mankind’s final glory.

Thus Christ’s words: Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect, are not a mere suggestion but an absolute command emphasizing restoration! The need to be born again from water and from the Spirit, and of the Church He founded on the Model of His own Family in sexless purity through the vowed and sworn chastity of His clergy, is an essential part to separate his clergy from the devil’s plan, from the devil's plot, for it’s only after the fall and after the sentence that Adam knew Eve, and the first fruit of sex was a murderer!

Sex is being pushed on all! Abortion is being pushed on all! Sexual degeneracy is being pushed on all! A murderous, sadistic, assault upon the spirit! It’s Satan’s plan. We need an exemplary clergy in its sworn chastity more than ever before to free humanity from this corruption!

Honor to Mary Most Holy, December 8th 2006, festivity of her Immaculate Conception.


Daniel Ferree said...

I cant believe people are actually subjected to this mindless psycho babble that you put on here, its ridiculous. You dont even have any proof that god or jesus ever existed, how can you compile any theories?

Ludgor said...

Daniel, don't you think that a sense of ridicule is something you still have to aquire? Whoever doubts Jesus Christ as a historical figure, or even Muhamad or Buddah's existence had better begin by doubting the worth of his schooling! You should avoid using the word ridicule from now on!