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The Queen is the Ark, The Sky is Her Cope

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Mandatory Images

God loves images, sacred images, as much as He abhors idolatrous images. And, not only does He love sacred images, He orders that they be made following his precise instructions!

The following is part of the orders He gave Moses: “….Let them cover both sides of the propitiatory, spreading their wings, and covering the oracle, and let them look one towards the other, their faces being turned towards the propitiatory wherewith the ark is to be covered”. (Exodus 25: 20)

And He granted images such importance as to make them His exclusive way of communication: "Thence will I give orders, and will speak to thee over the propitiatory, and from the midst of the two cherubims, which shall be upon the ark of the testimony, all things which I will command the children of Israel by thee". God, in this way, emphasized the role of images as a means of sacred communication, and established why most images had to be forbidden as unfit to uplift the human spirit towards him. Sacred images would have to wait for the Crucifix to fully carry the message of God's love in HIS godly way.

God commanded images to be made, and in Exodus 37 we have the way the order was carried out, and even the name of the artist, Beseleel, a human artist. Greater things were on the way, so great that His power would create images, the same power that created the universe would establish His images amongst us: But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent his Son, made of a woman, made under the law: That he might redeem them who were under the law: that we might receive the adoption of sons. (Galatians 4:4-5) And the fulness of time in its due would give us two images. The first from 33 A.D. was to be known as the Holy Shrowd of Turin (see link). The second image, from 1531 was Mary, His Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe.

To confirm Catholic dogma it would no longer be Moses or the Bible alone to bear testimony, it would be the Powerful Convergence of the Earth, the Sky, the Bible, and the Discovery of America converging in their testimony. A convergence of such power as only God can muster to carry His message. To show His Love, His wisdom, to uphold His Church, to fulfill His Will, to back His warnings.

Such Image’s power of convergence had to be rooted in Genesis 3:15 to unveil to the rebellious without further appeal the identity pertaining to the Messianic Promise: to identify the Woman, to identify Her Seed. In the promise they are a single promise, in The Sacred Image they had to be one too, and the Virgin of Guadalupe’s image is that of a mother about to give birth. All this, again, with God’s testimony as guaranteed by a power of convergence which can only be His own. Thus, the Sacred Image of Guadalupe whose power of convergence we saw credited by Genesis in my previous blog: Genesis, as Science, Superb!

She made it clear by choosing a shipwreck to stay in America that it was Christianity’s Reformation Shipwreck being prepared by the dark forces of the world, and which were to erupt 25 years later with Luther in Europe that had sent Her to take possession of Her Continent (see previous blog). "And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman, who brought forth the man child: And there were given to the woman two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the desert unto her place, where she is nourished for a time and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent". (Rev. 12: 13-14) Those same wings appear at the feet of Our Lady of Guadalupe: the angel upholds Her for all to see in this Chapter 12 which refers to Mexico, fulfilling Scripture to perfection and in a way so astounding as to leave us speechless!

And the Sacred Image of Guadalupe was worded in Apocalypse before it’s miraculous appearance in Mexico: And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars: And being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to be delivered (Rev. 12:1-2) This parragraph was fulfilled by Mexico’s liberator, a Catholic priest, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla on official records. Costilla is the Spanish for rib recalling Genesis again!

As a Catholic priest Hidalgo y Costilla was a full representative of Mary of Guadalupe to her people. Crying out from a church steeple while ringing the bell to awaken the populace in what Mexican History calls The Cry of Independence, ---officially commemorated every 15th of September in Mexico at 11:00 PM--- while holding to the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe as one who cries out in her name, he was unconsciously fullfiling Rev. 12:1.

This Cry of Independence was remarkable to the point of being scandalous to historian José Vasconcelos, a detractor of Hidalgo, who remarked: "All civilized nations have signed a statute of independence, only our incivility could give way to having a Cry of Independence instead! And it is a fact that only Mexico is apocaliptic in this regard, as no other nation has a "Cry of Independence", something never envisioned by Vasconcelos who was thinking only of good manners!

Hidalgo was the priest of the town of Dolores, meaning Sorrows, or Pains in Spanish (Rev.12:1 again) as She was with her Mexicans in pain to be delivered from a Spanish new rule under the Bourbons, who had taken over the throne from the Hapsburgs, and were attacking Her and Her own since 1767 when Charles III of Spain expelled the Jesuits out of all Spanish dominions attempting to do so with all religious orders. All of these were and are signs.
To leave no doubt as to prophesy being fulfilled, after the declaration of war by the Bourbons in 1767 there were three Mexican Independence Attempts, all fell on a September 15th (1774, 1808 y 1810), the day commemorating Our Lady of Sorrows (or pains). All of them coinciding unplanned, by mere chance! Shall we call it that? To top it, Mexico is the only country in the world that celebrates its Independence Days, consecutive days, every 15th and 16th of September.

On the 15th and 16th of September 1571, Mexico commemorated its first 50 years of Colonial Rule (1521-1571), and 4o years (1531-1571) of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City to a humble indian, Juan Diego. But the main commemoration took place elsewhere, in the Gulf of Lepanto!

She was there, in an image traditionally attributed to an indian copyist named Marcos. This Image---originaly sent by Montufar then Archbishop of Mexico to the Crown--- finaly became a gift from don John of Austria to Admiral Andrea Doria. And Cardinal Doria, a descendant of his built a chapel for the town's patroness---Our Lady of Guadalupe---in Santo Stefano d'Aveto, traditionaly a Doria town near Genoa to house this, her mexican image in 1801.

She was there when the full Christian Armada's 225 ships took two days to depart for battle against the 273 ships of the Mohammedan Turks. On the 15th of September Doria weighed anchors, and raising the flag of Christ crucified set out for battle. This flag had, humbled at Christ's feet the coats of arms of the Pope, of King Philip II of Spain, of the Republic of Venice, and of Don Juan of Austria. On the 16th. Don Juan followed in bearing the flag of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Remember Mexico was then a Spanish colony known as Nueva España (New Spain).

The victory of Lepanto was to signal the downfall of the up to then invincible Turk at sea, and was to be sung joyfully in Europe for decades, with all the arts competing in praise.

But Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla was not out to commemorate a 15th and 16th of September that had taken place more than two hundred years earlier. As far as we know he was not even aware of that aniversary. He was on the move as he had been denounced to the Colonial authorities. He had no plans for such dates except most probably to say devout mass on that festivity of our Lady of Sorrows, being, as he was, his chaplain in the town of Sorrows (Dolores). The plans were from above: God makes His ways manifest speaking His Historical continuation of His Word as His single Trinitarian Will. And His single Trinitarian Will is in history to be admired: Christ preached the three years of His Public Life, suffered for three Hours on the Cross, Resurrected on the Third Day. We have seen most trinitarian Columbus discover America with three ships in a single trip to have Rodrigo of Thrice Anne’s "Tierra a la Vista" (Land on sight). Hernán Cortés conquered Mexico in 1521, and Mexico’s only Colonial Period was to last exactly three centuries up to 1821. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla fulfilling prophesy in September 15th of 1810, started the War of Independence. A precise fulfillment in 1810 to put a precise ending to three centuries of Spanish Colonial Rule in 1821 with Iturbide.

So history has told us much more than all of history's actors could see in their way to fame!

We have seen Our Lady of Guadalupe in a way different from Juan Diego's, but out of Juan Diego himself none of Her devoted children has seen Our Heavenly mother so fully as we have, and shall now continue to see Her both, from a full historical point of view, and from the point of view of convergences so powerful as to be God's own signature leading our way.

The Heavens Converge

Something extraordinary happened in Mexico in the brief span of ten years, from 1531 to 1541. The ten previous years had been an Indian tragedy whose lamentations ring through history. They had suffered the loss of their gods, their independence, and their future. They no longer clung to life, nor planned for a future no longer theirs.

Sickness, the plagues, decimated them many times over as was to be expected in heroic tragedies for a proud, civilized, and never before defeated nation which clung more to the lost values of their abolished world than to life. Then, suddenly, everything changed! Not only were they suddenly up and running again, but had finally accepted their new situation as if it had become a blessing! The friars which had found their job so difficult, and unsuccessful, began baptizing more than a million Indians a year. Mexico was fully Christian by the end of that decade, and more willing to fight and die for this new faith than they had ever been before.

Of course Juan Diego preached to his own, but unless you are willing to grant him a greatercompetence as a preacher than you are willing to grant the 13 apostles---by including St. Paul as the thirteenth---and all the disciples put together, you'll have to look elsewhere for theexplanation! Because while Greeks and Romans were amenable to Christian preachers, theAztecs were not! They had preferred to let themselves die! Only Juan Diego (and his uncle Juan Bernardino) saw the Virgin directly, but pilgrim caravans of thousands of Indians in a steady downpour to her shrine in Mexico City saw the humble ayate where she had left her picture!

What they saw convinced them all, and the Spanish Catholic Mission to Mexico broke all records as the fastest evangelization ever! We are still discovering what they saw, or trying to! One thing was clear to the Indian mind: the message from heaven was for them! What they saw they had not taught the Spaniards who were a race unwilling to learn from them, and which would have felt humiliated by the mere thought of learning anything from them. Fully satisfied with what they had and were, the Spaniards were set upon material endeavours of conquerors newly rich with an empire of new and astounding possibilities!

The indians had the guaranty by the Spanish despisal of their culture contrasting with her image so full of their own symbols that the message was from Heaven. God had not abandoned them, he had sent a foe to enrich them! And their new found enthusiasm built more Christian churches at less cost than many nations had ever had in Europe.

We, as historians, or at least as history’s beneficiaries look back and wonder at another convergence: present knowledge of these marvels and the technology to explore them.

The first thing to wonder at from our Bibles standpoint refers to Holy Mary of Guadalupe’s crown. Her image has none, yet, it should have! Remember: "...and on her head a crown of twelve stars".

A modern discovery came in 1951, when a photographer named Carlos Salinas found an image in Her eye from a photograph he had taken, the equivalent of Secondo Pia’s discovery, also through photography, of the Holy Shroud of Turin being a perfect negative of the Lord’s Passion in 1897 (see my link to The Holy Shrowd of Turin in this web page). The Mexican’s discovery led to ophthalmologists finding a perfect Purkinje-Samson reflection in Her eyes, something that no painter could even imagine, or manage to paint. It was something that could only be found in a living eye!

Later on, computer’s and scanners would discover further marvels, but it's not Her eyes we are discussing except as an introduction, since it was from then on that Her image would capture interest from all types of researchers.

The finest days for research began with a priest 25 years ago, Fr. Mario Rojas Sánchez.

He was a full flagged expert on the Aztec civilization, its language and customs. And he had a first rate associate in Homero Hernández Illescas who, besides his private practice as a respected full time medical doctor specialized in immunology, had always been, since childhood, a most talented amateur astronomer, and was also an art expert. Both have passed away. Of what follows the merit is theirs alone, it was their field not mine, and I hope not to let them down with my incipient knowledge of astronomy; so, I will take not their wisdom but a bare comon-sensical detour benefiting from what they wrote, and what I heard from them.

Fr. Rojas had always been intrigued by the ornaments in Our Lady’s dress. They looked to everyone as vegetation ornaments, flowers or leaves; but to the expert he was they were tepetls’ in the nahuatl language of the Aztecs. Hills in English. Could hills have been part of the message the indians understood immediately? But if they were, what were they doing in Her dress? To complicate things, he knew that tepetls, having always a similar look as required by icons, were, by each iconographer presented in such a different way as the trade permitted for the individual tlacuilo to be recognized as the artist of his masterpiece . So, the only way to find out would not be bookish, but experimental research. In other words, he would superimpose them on a map of the Valley of Mexico.

A 'tepetl' symbol´ on her dress.

A leaf, a flower, or hills?

He almost lost hope. All attempts failed! If you don’t believe in miracles you can call it serendipity coming to his aid. It was while giving a conference together with Homero Hernández on the Image of Our Lady, and his up to then fruitless efforts of adjusting supposed tepetl symbols to real tepetl maps that two large transparencies being used with a simple projector fell to the floor. On bending to pick them up, they found them well adjusted but on a different map. on the national map of Mexico. That much larger is her outline imprint.
Success breeds more optimism for greater success! The immediate question was: what about the stars on her mantle? And doctor Hernández seemed born for the job. The place to look was equally simple, the December skies over Mexico City. The Holy Virgin had appeared to this humble Indian, Juan Diego, on December 12th 1531 by the Julian Calendar (22nd December of our actual Gregorian Calendar). To an indian whose low social standing made him always feel inadequate for the simple task of carrying messages. She promised to make him famous. And the promise was acquiring heavenly proportions beyond the mystical sphere, all the way into the cosmological sphere!
The 'tepetls' set the way! They imposed a horizontal position with her head touching the Gulf of Mexico, and her feet close to the Pacific Ocean. A fine fit for the cross-section of a ship her image resembles--the Ark--when her sun rays are included. Homero Hernández knew immediately the northern constelations were to be found on her right side cope, and the southern constelations on her left. But the poetry would be in between. Framed by the visible stars, Corona Borealis on her front; Virgo (the Virgin) over her heart; Leo, to represent the Lion of Judah over her pregnant womb; Gemini, the Twins, on her knees; Orion, the giant, superimposed on the angel whose eagle-wings sustain her for flight to the desert as foretold by Rev. 12: 13-14.

Both images from "Las Estrellas del Manto de la Virgen de Guadalupe" byFr. Mario Rojas Sánchez and Homero Hernández Illescas.

Here we can see the 'tepetl' symbols on her full dress, and constellations adjusted to her cope. On this position, northern constellations appear north.
In the eighties, just beginning, they didn’t have PC's or free software. Star atlases and a Spitz Junior Planetarium would suffice. The immediate solution to our problem became obvious, remember?: "...and on her head a crown of twelve stars". Could it be they were not 12 on her head (Corona Borealis has seven) because they were as constellations already on her cope? There are precisely twelve Constellations in the traditional Zodiac! And here the only clue is in the number 12, and on the much earlier dating of their zodiacal names, and their also previous---by centuries---incorporation to the Zodiac as we shall see.
The Zodiac's constellations appear on a 16º belt, or band, centered on the ecliptic which follows the sun's apparent yearly motion. These constellations, or signs, each taken to extend 30º of longitude are: Aries 0º; Taurus 30º; Gemini 60º; Cancer 90º; Leo 120º; Virgo 150º; Libra 180º; Scorpius 210º; Sagitarius 240º; Capricornius 270º; Aquarius 300º; and Pisces 330º. There can be no fiddling or cheating, Constellations are too large to be represented as a Crown, but 46 stars fit well on the cope, and the exchange is magnificent beyond description!
They had been led by intuition from the beginning, but by now they had learnt. From the Gospel, of the twelve we know much of very few of them, four of them basically, from the other eight a word or two! From the tribes of Israel, out of Judah, they finally disappeared leaving more mystery than notice! As far as the tepetls were concerned, well, a sufficient amount had coincided but a trade-off between good looking symmetry, and geographical precision, had to explain having more parts to fit-in than a need for them! An analogous situation was to be expected with the constellations on her cope, but, in the words of Homero Hernández Illescas: All the stars, though somewhat compressed, are thus identified and in place. They are the 46 most brilliant stars on the skies of the Valley of Mexico. Resuming: The extraordinary distribution of the stars on the Virgin's cope can't be mere chance, as no random distribution can show precisely as a whole, all the constellations in the sky at a given moment. As a comparaison, an iconographic study by the author of 150 paintings of The Virgin of Guadalupe dating from the XVII and XVIII centuries, resulted in not a single copy on the which the constellations appearing in the ayate of the indian Juan Diego and the skies of Mexico could be recognized.

Here we have the constellations on her cope by name. Some names are in Spanish, as my lack of ability with photoshop has forced me to pospone translation on the image itself. I managed to put Canes V(enatici) instead of Lebreles and the Coma to Berenice into the image. Here's the rest in the mostly latin proper to starmaps: Boyero = Boötes; Osa Mayor = Ursa Maior; Dragón = Draco; Cochero = Auriga; Tauro (Taurus); Ofiuco = Ophiucus; Escorpión = Scorpius; Lobo = Lupus; Centauro = Centaurus; Cruz del Sur = Crux; Sirio = Sirius ( a star). As we can see from the original 12 only Taurus and Scorpius appear on her cope. Leo, Virgo and Gemini will appear in a different sequence.
What follows is very important: The Aztecs were better astronomers than the Spaniards at the time of the conquest; they had a more precise calendar than the Julian calendar, and were ritualy expecting two things: the yearly solstice and the 'Fifth Sun'. Supposing correctly that Our Lady appeared on the solstice as the expected Fifth Sun for a new Era, he looked for the stars on her cope to agree with the precise solstice of 1531 which took place at 10:39 A.M. But, the visible poetry in the skies began earlier; that's why we present an earlier take at 4:15, as a preview to the solstice at10:39 A.M of December 12 1531. Day 2280600.5 of the Julian Calendar.

Virgin's image from "La Virgen de Guadalupe y las Estrellas" by Homero Herández Illescas.

The starmap above from 'Cartes du Ciel' (Sky Charts) which is generously offered as freeware, corresponds to the Mexico City coordinates on December 12 of 1531 at 4:15 AM. Here we have the constellations which do not appear on her cope, but happen to be the main ones for her identification: Her crown "Corona Borealis"; Virgo: The Virgin over her heart; Leo, The Lion of Juda from Genesis over her pregnancy; Gemini, The Twins over her knees; and Orion, the Giant over the angel which sustains her. As can be seen they are not perfectly aligned as Corona and Orion are not on the ecliptic. However, Hernández Illescas' genius had solved all the problems that have traditionally plagued map makers working on geographical or celestial proyections. He did it by reflecting a convex image on a concave mirror without the absurd harasment of presenting the complex math to millions of devout but mathematically incompetent fans. The final result and the miracle involved in the tradeoff between the math and artistic symetry.

As is obvious, the small area represented by the 'tepetl' image placed horizontaly with the one I rotated 90º left to add it again below, and which covers aproximately one hundred thousand square miles of mexican territory on the map shown, require the 180º celestial meridian to be very compressed (pulled in towards the vertical of the image. When this is done they adjust to the vertical as shown below.

Image from "Las Estrellas del Manto de la Virgen de Guadalupe", by Homero Hernández Illescas.

My line of reasoning is much simpler and is a direct follow-on my own discoveries presented in the contiguous blog Genesis, as science, Superb! Of my own---as will be the case with most intelligent readers wanting to form a personal opinion on this subject---a hollistic approach can be stronger, and can eliminate the need to put each and every star on the precise place of her cope. I never felt frustrated by the Italian boot not having a precise leather replica in a shop window. All this was recognized by Homero Hernández. Like my findings, detectable shapes lead to unmistakeable recognition, and in cases like this to unimpeachable discovery. He followed up by comparing every painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the original and was amply rewarded: not one offered the slightest similitude! And with the stars on her cope you'll be convinced of miracles precisely because they strike a balance between absolute precision and good looking art. Looking at her cope nobody detected asymetries which could point to something different of a symetrical distribution, yet, there they were! And that is even more of a challenge from a manufacturing standpoint than absolute precision. In other words: it is this most difficult trade-off between art and precision without damage to recognizeability that is fully convincing of the miraculous origin of the stars on her cope!

These drawings are taken from "Las Estrellas del Manto de la Virgen de Guadalupe", by Fr. Mario Rojas Sánchez and Dr. Homero Hernández Illescas. Editor: Francisco Méndez Oteo, México 1983. Three constellations which appear together are shown direct (geocentric), inverted (heliocentric) and their rendering on Her cope.

Full recognizability is mantained without art loosing a pixel.

An astonishing piece of divine wisdom. A marvel! An assurance with insurance! For this to be understood let us begin with Genesis again. In the days of Creation we are presented with light being created on the first day, mornings, nights, evenings…and even grass, and herb yielding seed, trees bearing fruit on the third day of Creation. And then, on the fourth day, finally, the sun and moon are created by God! Is this an invitation to belief or to unbelief? From a purely human standpoint it's absurd! The first question would be: being so obvious why hasn't anybody made a correction to place the sun on the first day? It has remained there thousands of years, nobody seems to have asked for an explanation, nobody asked to what purpose it was written and mantained so!
Enter Islam. More than a billion Muslims have a right to the truth, but there is a monumental impediment that has kept them away from the truth, that will keep them forever away from religious truth: the Koran! Islam’s article of faith is that our forefathers altered the Bible! If the Bible were not altered, they say, it would be fully compatible with the Koran, and would have in prophesy a place, and what a great place for Muhammad! Well, our Muslim friends, here we offer you the indisputable truth that nobody dared alter the Bible in the least, the Word of God has been respected as such. For, if any alteration had taken place it would have been this very correction at the beginning of the Book! Case closed!
That's assurance with insurance. And with the stars on her cope we have the same reasoning. Recently one of those groups that pop up with the first idiocy that comes to their mind came out with the theory that the stars were add-ons painted on the image in 1648! Independently of which year you choose add-ons will never show that magnificent trade-off between the required precision and artistry. If the idea in 1648 had been to credit a miracle, they would have painted with precision from a geocentric perspective, instead of disguising trough symmetry. They would have announced it immediately instead of working ineffectually! Liars always stumble cheaply in their very first steps, forgetting that all men, good and evil work to gain something in the short run, not foolishly hundreds of years later, and in so doing stand to be immediately challenged. And that the challenge must be attested by history or somebody will lose by default!

Here we have a horizontal take of the moment

With this fuller view we come to realize that if Corona had been on the ecliptic, and therefore not needing the adjustments made by Dr. Hernández Illezcas, THEN the landing of Regulus would not have the simultaneous crowning of Mary in the Zenith. Corona would have been way off! --All the way into Scorpius' head!
So it was that the skies held the apotheosis of poetry for 10:39 in that very same morning, - In this two sky charts you can see her crown next to the zenith, which is the top of the sky at the very same moment the Little King (Regulus) the heart of Leo (Genesis again) touches the horizon, or lands on this world: Christmas time from the solstice to December 25 is Mary's crowning on top of the heavens!
Whoever has read what could well be the sweetest dialogue in the history of literature, between the Holy Virgin and Juan Diego will find the stars in their Christmas poetry on par!

When the great Aquinas contemplated Mary Most Holy pregnant of Christ-God, he described Her greatness with the only word that comes to mind: Infinite! That St. Thomas was not given to exageration is a fact that here, the heavens confirm. It is as if Her Divine Pregnancy increased Her size to fill the Universe, so that the stars in the heavens, on Her magnification, impacted themselves on Her cope.
Two additional Bible quotations are essential: the first to link with "Genesis, as Science, Superb!": And I saw a new heaven and a new earth. For the first heaven and the first earth was gone, and the sea is now no more. (Rev. 21:1) refers to the future moment when the Rite of the Sun will be no more! It is, of course, after the Most Holy Virgin will have attained the final victory. After the Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet have been thrown into the lake of fire (Rev. 20:10) Obviously, the moment the sea disappears, it will no longer cut the necessary figures we now see: the Red Sea representing the Serpent of Genesis 3:15; the Italian Boot of Child Jesus, Mother's Shoe with the long heel of Baja California, the second representation of the Serpent in Central America whose head is being crushed by Her. A new Heaven means no sun. So, the Rite of the Sun's daily promise will definitely have been fulfilled!
The second quotation addresses this blog on the stars: War from heaven was made against them, the stars remaining in their order and courses fought against Sisara. (Judges 5:20) And the stars remaining in their order and courses present before the world God's testimony, and will, against the new Sisara's.
And the poetry of it! Alignment permitted all the constellations to be adjusted to her cope, a mantle yes, but also a cope with the advantage of the traditional meaning given to the celestial vault. Corona Borealis, the Crown fitted to Her forehead! On Her chest Virgo, the Virgin! She’s pregnant, so Leo with its direct reference to Genesis’ Lion of Judah! Leo with its head down like a baby to be born! Gemini upon her knees, two pillars to sustain the Church within her! Orion, the giant blinded by his enemy but ready to recover his sight by looking straight at the rising sun, and that Sun is The Lion of Judah whose splendor cloaks Her better that the stars themselves! It's dawn! around five! Juan Diego receives the Roses from her first miracle and trots down to the city to be first in the waiting line to see the bishop. He is received. He opens his poor-mans ayate and the roses fall to the ground. At that very moment two extraordinary things happen: In the skies Regulus, Leos heart and most brilliant star makes contact with the horizon: Regulus meaning little Rex (little King)! Christ’s birth! And her Crown is closest to the Zenith. The moment Christ is born, His mother is crowned Queen of Heaven!
Sheer poetry! Who else but God could have ordered that! And on Earth? What’s going on at that moment on Earth? Before the astonished bishop of México City, fray Juan de Zumárraga, suddenly, her image appears! An image that wasn‘t there when the roses fell for the third apparition to take place!
Her glorious Mexican Image!

And her outline on our map is a ship’s outline!The Ark! For She is the Ark, the Biblical Ark, and the Queen Mother sitting at the Right hand of Christ King in the Heavens. From a Biblical standpoint you’ll find Her role as Queen Mother of the King, and Ark of the New Covenant well researched in Scott Hahn’s “Hail, Holy Queen. The Mother of God in the Word of God”, Doubleday, 2001.

And the fact that
Megido=Mexico! Phonetically, not prophetically there is no doubt! The Ar means ‘high-place’, And Mexico City at 7000 feet of altitude is way above Israel. Armageddon? Much more can be said but, who needs it?
Bloged on the festivity of Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12, 2006 in her town of Mexico City at 19:30 local time.

I believe the following has never been said but it fits: As a true book of origins, Genesis did not forget anything essential but rather codified it, thus fullfiling all expectations. As we will see from Gen. 1:26 in which God is announcing his Trinitarian Nature in creating His image (man) speaks in plural: And he said: Let us make man to our image and likeness:...The number fitting the us, and our, is three, the Trinity codified in the first three days of Creation as a separate entity within the continuum! Thus the skies on the fourth day, it's two different sets being announced. In my next blog the trinitarian nature of man will be established. But first, where did the light in the first three days come from? Revelation, coded in Genesis proves as follows: And the city hath no need of the sun, nor of the moon, to shine in it. For the glory of God hath enlightened it, and the Lamb is the lamp thereof. (Revelation 21:23) After all, God who is the source of the sun and of all stars is also the source of all photons.

In this way, Genesis is also linking the New and Final Era established by Gen 3:15, in which both lights from the Fourth Day will shine humanly and divinely: The Woman, Mary Most Holy as the Moon; Jesus Christ, The Son the sun! From Genesis both eras are thus established BC and AD, Before Christ and after Christ!
All this, of course, is in the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

In other words: From a cosmological standpoint things ARE AS THE BIBLE SAYS, AND MORE!
More on the 12 stars on Her head of Revelation 12:1
Is Our Lady of Guadalupe the Marian Advocacy fulfilling the Apocalypse? To some, the solution of the 12 signs of the Zodiac pointing to Her cope was somehow insufficient; they ask for something more Biblically significant. OK,
But they that are learned shall shine as the brightness of the firmament: and they that instruct many to justice, as stars for all eternity. (Daniel 12:3) And they were known precisely as the Twelve Apostles, they were the Franciscan Friars, the evangelizers who arrived on May 13th 1524 to Mexico. Their names:

Fray Martín de Valencia
Fray Francisco Soto
Fray Martín de la Coruña
Fray Juan Xuárez
Fray Antonio de Ciudad Rodrigo
Fray Toribio de Benavente (Motolinía)
Fray García de Cisneros
Fray Luis de Fuensalida
Fray Juan de Rivas
Fray Francisco Jiménez
Fray Andrés de Córdoba
Fray Juan de Palos
And they began their work, learning the language and preaching The Gospel to the natives. Twelve learned in the ways of the Gospel. Twelve which instructed many to justice. It was from their lips that the Indians first learnt the name of Mary Most Holy. Twelve stars around Her head. Quite fitting, as by head we also mean knowledge, so, an additional explanation which takes nothing from the first is most welcome.

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Genesis, as Science, Superb!

How could we honor this book as it deserves?

As was to be expected from a true book on the origins of all things, the wealth of information to be found in Genesis is enormous.

Besides theology itself, whether it be cosmology, structuring of complex systems, human psychology, or world historical development everything seems to have been considered in this incredible book, the foundation for the Gospel, for the Apocalypse, and the key to actual wisdom.

If somebody told you, that it's in Genesis that the key to Bible exegesis is to be found, and that the same exegesis applied to world history would lead us to decipher God's will in the discovery of America as a central point in world history, would you believe it?

And would you believe, further discoveries would permit to decipher messages to be clearly written in geography itself, all this with Genesis as the central information source? America was discovered in 1492, but Genesis in full we are just beginning to discover.

In Genesis 2: 19 God presents the methodology for Bible exegesis by granting names the fundamental importance they have. Adam receives from God who proudly presents His creatures to him the additional gift, due to his dignity, of naming them according to his own intelligence of their nature. If the importance of this does not sink in, remember that His great gift to Moses and to the people of Israel was to reveal His name to them. Remember also, that the first thing He did with Abraham was to change his name to give it meaning beyond compare for the old Testament, and that He also changed Abraham's wife's name. It was also by changing names that Jacob became Israel. If you feel this still to be insufficient, just remember how it was that Peter, the apostle, got his name!

Names stand out as acts of God, as parts of Creation from the very first book of Genesis to the book of Revelation, or Apocalypse. In other words, from the very beginning to the very end of the Bible, names are shown to be as fundamental as a true book of origins must hold them to be.

All names, from the most certain—such as day,or night—to the most mysterious such as the name of the Beast in Revelation 13:17. Names that are as nature descriptive as wo-man taken from man, to names encoding the prize for the conqueror in Apocalypse 2:17 "He, that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches: To him that overcometh, I will give the hidden manna, and will give him a white counter, and in the counter, a new name written, which no man knoweth, but he that receiveth it."

And God, Creator and Redeemer, our Evangelizer would not permit this to go unnoticed and used geography itself to back the record. This is the first convergence, as was to be expected from a true book of origins, the convergence of geography with history. For is not geography the setting for the historical drama that time was meant to deploy?

And what wealth of information for our days!

Would you doubt that Eve was taken from Adam's rib? Then look at Alfred Wegener's theories on the displacement of continents. Notice how South America broke off the African continent. Notice how both South America and Africa resemble hearts—as well as geographical configurations can represent them, roughly—and give and added emphasis to that which is held within the rib cage. You doubt? This is only the beginning.

Let us go to Genesis 3: 15-17, the centrality of which can’t be doubted as it closes a universe and opens another. It closes the earthly Paradise we never knew, that brief era in which God saw all He created and found it good for immortal man, and opens the cursed is the earth for thy sake of sinful, mortal, suffering humanity. The Era of the immediate consequences of sin.

Now, would you believe that Genesis portrays what it says herewith with such precision as to solve the questions it presents? Let us go to the first question, whose heel is the serpent trying to bite, the woman's or her seed's? Question No. 2: Which of the two crushes the serpent's head? Question No. 3: Who is this woman, and who is her seed? Would you believe the answers to be all there? Surprisingly they are! And the story couldn't be more interesting as even the discovery of America happens to reinforce the story beyond mere theory as shall be seen a few paragraphs below.

Upon these fundamental assumptions, it should be more within the expected, than surprising, to have fundamental changes linked to the changes in name to signal the way ahead. And as it was also to be expected, due to the diversity of languages, the main power of the century's language would rule the process. So, for this step of the process you will need a few words from a Spanish dictionary, as Spain was foremost in the 15th century (1492), and was charged with the discovery of the American continent.

The name of two ports are milestone names for Spain as discoverer and conquering power. The first is "Puerto de Palos", literally "Port of Sticks" which was Columbus departing point in 1492, and the port of arrival by Cortez the Conqueror of Mexico in 1521: "Veracruz", a contraction of "Verdadera" and "Cruz" meaning "True Cross". In other words, the mission of discovery and conquest was to move from mere sticks to the True Cross. And this transition would link the three aspects of the Spanish destiny: Discovery, military conquest, and spiritual conquest.

But the surprises are just beginning. In the same way that every milestone name had signified a mission in the Bible; history, God's unfolding of his projects would show his will with force unparalleled. Three ships in a single mission as befits the Trinity’s stamp upon history, and as was to be expected for the singularity of the discovery of America, a mission headed by a man called Christopher in remembrance of the third century Saint who carried the child Jesus through the waters. Christopher means Christ bearer. The name of the three ships can be combined in a single way to form a phrase: "Pinta la Niña Santa María", meaning "Paint the Virgin Mary", since "niña" in Spanish a ‘girl child’ is synonymous with virgin in all languages. This last part has a fundamental importance for the American Continent, as it refers to the miraculous image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, who is Mary, the mother of Jesus and also the triumphant "woman" of Genesis 3: 15.
This requires further elaboration, but you may prefer to have full evidence presented before we enter the Biblical aspects. Both converge in full agreement, making the way we present them of secondary importance.

Columbus of course is Christopher’s last name. From the Italian colombo, from the latin columba (f) or colombinus (m) meaning dove, it is the biblical symbol for the Holy Spirit. From history we have the man. His impressive, outstanding personality among the Grandees of the Spanish Court, and his marvelling others for his personal dedication to the Most Holy Trinity. William Thomas Walsh in his "Isabella of Spain" gives the description of his outstanding qualities.

The first man to sight land for the most famous "Tierra a la vista" in the history of the world was appropriately named Rodrigo de Triana, Rodrigo of Thrice Anne! And St. Anne was Mary Most Holy’s mother! And who is the first to "sight" a baby to be born if not her mother? Checking our geographical configurations we notice Africa to be the larger, more powerful heart of a man; geographically pertaining to The Messiah. South America is a smaller heart, more feminine corresponds to Mary’s heart as would have been perceived by St. Anne! The Woman’s Continent, The Visitation of The Holy Spirit, Christ‘s Gospel carried by Christ Bearer, and the whole mission being mandated by the imperative Paint the Virgin Mary in the Spanish of Columbus’ three Ships! Who ordered that?, all ask in surprise, remember that this hadn’t been noticed for centuries!

More surprises await us! Holy Mary had to stay in America! There was a danger of the three ships returning to Spain normally, to travel back and forth. The original intention coupled to the names would have become trivial! So a miracle enters history, a historical miracle putting Christmas foremost in the picture! At midnight, separating Christmas Eve from Christmas Day of 1492, a gust of wind took the larger ship, the Santa María (the Holy Mary) and stranded it on the beach! A shipwreck! Obviously a large amount of sailors had to remain, and in commemoration the settlement was called Villa de la Navidad, "Christmas Village", and Christmas Fort later on!

Enter Mexico and the Conquerors. The Aztecs had a high opinion of themselves. They considered themselves The People of the Sun as, such was their deity, to whom they sacrificed human victims including themselves, and their blood, to keep the sun in the heavens. They felt elected for such trascendental purpose and the Hebrews felt no greater. The Jews had rejected Christ because of His Cross, and suddenly we find a faraway people of the opposite trend! They have accepted the sacrifice before knowing the Cross of Christ!

Enter geography,
so we may be filled with astonishment at having Genesis 3:15 played over and over, the Rite of the Sun of Aztec delights being repeated every day to answer the questions above as to: The first question, whose heel is the serpent trying to bite, the woman's or her seed's? Question No. 2: Which of the two crushes the serpent's head? Question No. 3: Who is this woman, and who is her seed? The answer had to be there as Italy looks like a boot, a small full legged boot with quite a remarkable heel! My own country--Mexico is much larger--always looked to me like a woman´s shoe, with that long high-heel of the Baja Peninsula. What about the Serpent? The Red Sea of course! Crossed by Moses leading Israel away from the Pharaoh, it holds the Sinai Peninsula between its fangs. The peninsula looks also like a heart, quite a proper place for Moses to receive the Ten Commandments to redress the serpents’ bite which poisoned men’s heart against God!

The Red Sea, from space by NASA

We have thus the daily rite of the sun. The first character to appear at dawn each day (GMT+2:00) is the serpent biting, poisoning the heart of man. It is below the small boot to the east one hour’s time, in a good place to spring upwards like serpents do, to try and bite the little heel. Rome, the capital of Italy and Holy See traditional to the Vicar of Christ receives the sun one hour later (at GM+1). And seven hours later,—the Biblical Seven linked to Genesis as if it were its seal—the sun rises over Mexico City (at GMT-6) where Mary of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego. Below Mexico, Central America, again the serpent, is crushed this time by the woman’s high heeled shoe which has the added weight of the Boiling Pot with its handle being Florida.
The Italian Boot from space by NASA

This clarifies all Genesis 3:15. While the serpent tries to bite the Child Jesus’ heel, and before it manages to do so, there comes Mother and crushes its head! If you ever wondered why Rome, and why the pope has to be in Rome, you have it there!

Add to all this that both images, the Holy Shrowd and the Image of Mary of Guadalupe, came to be within the Julian Calendar, 33 A.D. and 1531 A.D. The calendar named for Julius Cesar with the same initials as Jesus Christ was set up shortly before 33 A.D. , only to fall on behalf of the Gregorian Calendar shortly after 1531. This will help you sort out the truth of both images being of supernatural origin, and therefore the opposite of what "Public Opinion" as mass media try to make them out to be.

If you ever wondered why all the fuss about the Holy Shroud, here you have it!

God’s presence in history for this message is unmistakable! For who could arrange everything so? And there is still so much more to it, including the heavens and the name of the Constellations of December skies over Mexico City!

As Gamaliel timely warned them: Beware, least you find yourselves fighting God!

Let’s see some theology now, and what better moment than this to emphasize again the phenomenal precision of Genesis? It’s in Genesis 3: 15 where the Lord sentenced: "Enmity shall I put between thee and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; she shall crush thy head, whilst thou attempts to bite his heel". The first phrase is astonishing, a woman making the worst decision conceivable has self destroyed by falling into a trap, and weakened to the very foundations of her being hears of another woman that will avenge her. But, what kind of woman can this be? What kind of strength can she have to face Satan single-handedly and crush his head?

Genesis itself had provided the answer beforehand and in a single paragraph!

It’s all in Genesis 1:26-27, which in 27: "God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them."

It must be here stated that in the ability to read, as in all things, competence is the opposite of incompetence, and there is not much middle ground! If you got the slightest idea of the power of God by reading from Genesis 1:1-27, the effect of his Word creating everything, you must grant the image of His power, power! Power befitting His image! Or, does someone find reading that difficult? Take note of: "And Jesus answering, said to them: Amen, I say to you, if you shall have faith, and stagger not, not only this of the fig tree shall you do, but also if you shall say to this mountain, Take up and cast thyself into the sea, it shall be done." Of course it's already in Genesis! If you are so unlucky as to belong to the reading school of the Reformers you’ve been lost from Genesis on!

Now here is the full traditional Catholic reading: Omnipotence is unfailing. It can’t be frustrated by a fallen angel and his accomplices, thus the fall of Adam and Eve was the backdrop for the exaltation of the New Adam, and the New Eve that were from Eternity in the mind of God.

For the perfect Image of God was not to leave ‘woman’ out, as Genesis—the book of origins—established from the beginning: "male and female created He them". The perfect image in Mary Most Holy with the corresponding power is perfectly stated in her Magnificat (Luke 1:48) in which "for He has looked upon the humiliation of His slave" states clearly—His slave—that Mary Most Holy never exercised her will as her own, she did only God’s will, developing fully only His will in her, and you must remember His will is Almighty! Thus her power, her greatness, her being second only to God!

Mary Most Holy gave an inkling of this to Italian Luisa Picarreta around fifty years ago by saying You have no idea of what it means to never, not even once do your own will. This self denial can be tougher than all the penances of the saints, more painful by the Cross than the sum of the torments of the martyrs.

Yes, there is nothing in Christianity without merit, but Christian merit has incomparable rewards!

Christ´s words: "Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven" (Matthew 7:21) are exalting His mother with himself for doing so, establishing our only passport to His Kingdom, and utterly destroying sola fide! The Fall, Original Sin, devastated the Original Image in man and in woman, thus, a recreation was in order for both, man and woman in Jesus and Mary! For such is in Genesis!

We have a much better understanding from Genesis 3:15, known as the First Announcement of the Good News, or Proto-Evangelium, of the Triumphant Woman that exercises God’s Divine Vengeance on man’s enemy. She is a special Creation to give birth to The Eternal, to give a Mother to The Unbegotten. To have God’s power for having only The Almighty Will for her only will. We have her so that God could have a Mother He could give us for a Mother.

The perfection of God’s realized plan for an intercessor to whom nothing could be denied in the heart of a mother, this mother being His very own.

And the new understanding that Paradise Regained from Paradise Lost could only be from Nature Restored as only the perfect can enter Heaven. In other words, Paradise Lost presented no problem, it was Nature lost to animal nature that destroyed God’s perfect image and became a total impediment for mankind’s final glory.

Thus Christ’s words: Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect, are not a mere suggestion but an absolute command emphasizing restoration! The need to be born again from water and from the Spirit, and of the Church He founded on the Model of His own Family in sexless purity through the vowed and sworn chastity of His clergy, is an essential part to separate his clergy from the devil’s plan, from the devil's plot, for it’s only after the fall and after the sentence that Adam knew Eve, and the first fruit of sex was a murderer!

Sex is being pushed on all! Abortion is being pushed on all! Sexual degeneracy is being pushed on all! A murderous, sadistic, assault upon the spirit! It’s Satan’s plan. We need an exemplary clergy in its sworn chastity more than ever before to free humanity from this corruption!

Honor to Mary Most Holy, December 8th 2006, festivity of her Immaculate Conception.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Evolution or Creation? A Definitive Statement.

The Origins: Genesis and its contender

The beginning is half the whole, says an old adage, and you agree with this every time you refuse to enter a movie halfway through, or to begin reading a novel at the middle. But are we always so logical? Our instinct tells us that we cannot prescind from the information available at the beginning, or from reasoning in sequential steps. Cause and effect sequences have to be revised for us to keep a firm grip on our logical processes. Take the example: Why can't we find a man as large as a whale? The obvious answer: Because there is no couple hefty enough to beget one whale sized tells the whole story.

This type of direct relationship between cause, as sufficient cause, to all possible effects is the most elementary means available to all to discard idiocy from theories. Or at least it should be! But it isn't! And no better proof can be obtained of this anomaly than the success of Charles Darwin and his subservient mental clones, and their successful invasion and conquest of the scientific establishment.

Using the same commonsense capable of reducing whale's size to baby sized, we can always be certain of the difference between the possible and the impossible. We know only too well that it is as easy to take less from more as it is impossible to take more from less. The theory of evolution, however, demands the opposite. And not as a single happenstance but as a natural law, and in an unending flow of new living species always better than their ancestors, leaving us undecided as to what to admire more if the unrestricted optimism or the sheer folly, for greater optimism had never been seen, and a more monumental stupidity has never been thought! If you like to dream every night of putting ten dollars into your pockets to awaken with the gross national product as the fruits thereof, believe me you're not beating Darwin's optimism, or his idiocy.

And no matter how you wish to put it, how you wish to embellish, adorn it or reinvent it, it boils down to just that!

There is always only one logic and you can’t beat it. If you empty a pocket or a purse in order to put in ten dollars, you can’t bring out eleven dollars without creating a dollar out of nothing! Impossible! If it’s a savings account paying a dollar interest you are still taking out less than was put in, for what was put in to generate that extra dollar was not only ten dollars, but also the bank, the bank’s activities, the market, risk and time. A lot more than your savings plus a dollar was put in! No way for Darwinian Mechanics on that basis to be right, but rather worse as bankruptcies often add in cruel remembrances. When all’s considered even Central Banking humbled lies.

So Darwin had ideas! Did his ideas create all things? Or were ‘All Things’ he sought to structure, by some one else as structures made? The mechanism he sought to explain, who invented, created, and put to work such thing?

When you get down to Darwin, his crazy clones et al; you must depart from origins, to fantasize on mechanisms lacking a previous plan. For plans come from ideas, and whose idea was that? Mechanism unplanned, from no previous idea and from no previous mind? No matter how you embellish it, or how you wish to prove it, it all boils down to that!

So, what is all the fuss about?

FALLING FROM TREES: From Newtons apple, to Darwin’s rather brusque descent.

Two Britons, both to be remembered as connected by gravitational happenstance. The apple to honor Isaac, as often said: many apples have fallen on men’s heads but there was only one Newton! In relation to Darwin, since his "The Descent of Man" it has often been said lacking apples in his case, that the main suspect was he, and falling down squarely on his head!

Darwin’s case admits a better description using hallucinogenic drugs and mushrooms which were possibly not known in his time, but are better fitted to the way his observations were magnified out of proportion and then fitted into theory. For he awed for the commonplace, gaped at trivia, and exaggerated like mad.

Poor Darwin's substance
He noticed variability within species! He observed offspring resembling parents not to be identical to them! He also noticed an inheritance factor in the offspring! He realized some individuals were better fitted for survival, and were better breeders! He observed what animal breeders did in selecting the desirable traits to better the desired qualities in each succeeding generation: scent in dogs, for example! He then transposed this artificial selection to nature to present his readers with nature having precisely the breeder’s savvy and good intentions to force in a few pages a natural selection! Due to nature not having gone to the breeders’ school—nor likely most of his readers— in order to tighten on the ‘natural adaptation and survival of the fittest’, nature could be considered to be as aggressive and unreliable as needed to force changes within the theory’s laxity! And then he simply introduced the biggest blunder conceivable, a blunder extant still in the minds of all his victims: he mistook transformation for evolution!

"What Mr. Darwin seems to have forgotten—he was immediately told—is that we, the English, a nation of breeders of horses and dogs —and of such competence in the field as nobody has yet dared to question— despite our competence have never yet seen a horse become more than a horse, or a dog become more than a dog".—The English press was denying transformism which Darwin had sneaked in as evolution!

Of course there is a natural selection! Of course there is a survival of the fittest! But there is no place for Darwin in this picture! When a cheetah attacks a Thompson gazelle at close to sixty miles an hour, and the lighter gazelle responds accelerating to close to fifty miles per hour, artfully dodging the heavier predator, and getting away many times, they are acting out these very principles; but in a way barely sufficient to keep in shape as any jogger knows only too well. Neither will the jogger find himself either suddenly— or eonly in far away descendants in long traditional practice— flying blue-streak away from kryptonite, nor will the cheetah acquire its wings! There is, and this must be emphasized, an enormous difference between true science always capable of proof and better sense, and the falsifiers of true science building tall-tales, and by rattling a few old fossil bones manage to devastate the human mind.

If you have begun to suspect that the idea behind it is to use the joyful strengths of optimism to demolish the sanity of our Christian civilization, congratulations, it's a bull's-eye! If, on the other hand you think you are discovering how easy it is to make dupes of the masses, you are too late for that! It was joyfully announced by Randolph Hearst circa 1900 when he said: "The truth said once is soon forgotten, but a lie repeated a hundred times becomes public opinion." And the best definition of the worst type of public opinion, the mind devastative public opinion is what they incessantly hammer in as "Evolution"... But fortunately there is the Genesis connection!

In the same way black must contrast white to build meaningful grayscale, against the backdrop of the only contender: the most ridiculous, counter-logical and unscientific darwinian and post darwinian theory or evolution, Genesis was there to shine forth radiantly. Enter "The Days of Creation":

Days or eons?
Ecology is the epitome of complexity, built up with uncountable millions of living creatures engaged in uncountable checks and balances, yet they have a fundamental need of simultaneousness. Every prey-predator pair has to coexist in space and time for the predators to survive. It’s inescapable! Contrariwise to Darwinian madness denying limitations and restrictive origins, in order to postulate unplanned systems of uncharted complexity and everything fueled by senseless optimism, we must begin by getting a feel of the problem. Can we? Will we know where to begin?

A black box is a mental construct to reduce mind boggling problems to manageable proportions, basically to an input-output formulation. Our basic input will be pairs, prey-predator pairs. The moment we begin feeding our basic input we begin to get a feeling of what an excessively complex dynamic interactive system implies, specially when the interactive part enters the equation! To simplify, the basic parameters will be space, time and simultaneousness. But on introducing the first pair, let’s say cheetah-gazelle, we realize we cannot even calculate an optimal population without a better knowledge of the entourage which is there for much greater complexity! With each and every additional living creature complicating in uncharted ways the whole situation! A situation in which we do not even know which if any should be the first pair to enter our blackbox to output at every point a stable system! The key, however, is stability through interaction at each step of the process even if we don’t know the number of pairs per species, or the adequate order for their introduction! It is beyond our competence, but the keys for understanding are all there.

We face an equilibrium problem which minimized in complexity resembles an old mattress for which fixing one spring can lead to several other springing out of place. How can we go about it? Old mattresses do get fixed, but springs are few and species uncountable; springs are elementary, species exceedingly complex. If old mattresses were more complex nobody would ever even think of fixing them, as new mattresses offer the advantage of simultaneous placement of all their springs, pointing again, even for the simplest systems to the advantage of simultaneousness! Precisely the same requirement with which we began by saying: Every prey-predator pair has to coexist in space and time for the predators to survive. It’s inescapable! The other two problems: prey-predator ratio, and order of each prey-predator pair introduction can also be solved, most elegantly by simultaneousness! In other words: Take everything as is, and then, have it set up instantaneously! Given sufficient power as only God can have, elegance and project feasibility both fall directly to the side of The Days of Creation. Complete sets are ordered into being and put in place in a fuss-less manner! And our intermediate mental crutch, the black box imaginary construct can be happily discarded!

But, will we be taken seriously on this point in a scientific discussion?

In scientific debate yes, and on two additional counts: Firstly, you only have to take a short Wikipedia tour of the Big-Bang to realize that not only nature was set up without having to fuss up to eons galore, but that the whole universe was created instantaneously!

Adding eons you put in NOTHING NEW! You merely admit a trade-off to cooling expansion (more space, less heat, and the logical consequences thereof).

Secondly, by analogy to all excessively complex dynamic interactive systems take the one most familiar to you, the almost instantaneous formation of the human baby. If you think nine months is incompatible to instantaneousness, just consider the explosive cell growth from two human cells to more than a trillion cells in nine months!

Better still, try to extend the precise time required from nine months to... as much as you desire in order to better admire the precision of Genesis in its days of Creation!... Only remember: the nine months are mere expansion to what was already potentially there in the instantaneous fusion between the ovum and the spermatozoid!

From the first paragraph above on whale sized creatures: What is not potentially there, at the inception, will never be. In other words my dear Darwinian clone, sorry, you’ll never become a kangaroo!

To wit, potential requires no time, only its realization through successive actualizations!

To seek God for a religious reason is commonplace. We have the Church, the Bible, and the doctors of the Church. We also have preachers, schools and universities. For the origins we have Genesis. Nobody thought of questioning Him directly; but He came to us with the answer as He always has... Maria Valtorta, Italian mystic translated to more than ten different languages transcribed Jesus Christ’s words on the subject as follows: "In relation to that grave error, which has caused so much damage, not only it’s impossible for a monkey to evolve into a man; but not even with all your technology can you reduce a man to a monkey. You may maim and degrade him, but no matter what you do a monkey you will not get, because the monkey has its own perfection!

This is the definitive statement on two counts: First, we have already seen the impossibility for any evolutionary theory succeeding on account that no mechanism—natural or otherwise—can create something out of nothing, or permit in any way to take out more than was put in. Not for a single case, least of all on a regular, constant basis. We were however leaving open a possibility to the opposite, to have a lesser creature derive from a superior one.

The above statement closes out any such possibility on the basis of perfection. A distinct perfection. A closed perfection as corresponds to a distinct species.

Secondly: The above statement brings to our attention the perfection of each species as such. Perfection can’t be bettered or it wouldn’t be perfection! In other words: the perfection of each species lies in the unalterable fullness of each species. It was bad enough to pretend a mechanism bringing into existence any enhancement implying something not potentially in its inception, but to demand the same mechanism to produce perfection in all cases? Well, there are straightjackets, you know....

Much damage is mentioned as the result of preaching or accepting Evolution. And it is easy to see where the damage is made, and which results can be further expected. We can recognize the most serious assault on human reason, and an open imposition by political and financial power to impair thinking. Logical cause to effect is abolished, proportions loose all relevance, and unfounded optimism is presented as omnipotence. Everything good can be expected without effort or merit. Only rights and no duties rule for progress, and progress and blind optimism are one. The only needed force is sex, and singly exalted, responsibility for offspring can be better waylaid to natural selection. The laws of the jungle function optimally above human law. Bestiality can have no substitute in evolutionary thinking, if it got us here, evolutionaries seem to say, why not only bestiality? Why not proclaim it king? The apocalyptic beast has been unleashed!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Absolute Precision of Genesis

The Book of Genesis is the only description of the beginning of man ever recorded. It has been chided by fools. In order to understand the profound essence of its meaning let us consider one of its most chided points, that of the serpent speaking to Eve.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if serpents had been able to speak? This should have always been the first and the most obvious question!

Don't you think Eve, the Queen of the Garden, felt superior to serpents?

A “Go to Hell, you stupid animal” would have been in order!

And nothing else would have happened! There would have been no Original Sin which is the main thing Genesis needs to explain!

So, it was precisely due to the fact that serpents did not speak, and to the fact that Eve knew that serpents don’t speak that things became deadly serious.

It was obvious to Eve that an intelligent power previously unknown to her had taken over the serpent. Its words made a challenger obvious in that presence in disguise, and unabashedly that presence made known it was God himself that he was challenging!

And what the challenger proposed was the most demolishing attack on the nature of everything that could be verbalized by serpents, by angels or by man!

What he proposed was that Eve made hers, and thus implanted within her a reality reversal wherefrom, The Truthful One was to be set up as the liar, and the liar as The Truthful One; whereas from then on the Devil could thus be rightfully recognized as the only worthwhile leader of man to the total exclusion and humiliation of God.

He was asking to be Eve’s god, and to make God Eve’s devil!

He was asking thus, for a subjective role reversal ―the ultimate lie― to destroy human nature, and in it, all Creation subjected to it. All that was needed was for Eve to give credence to his words: Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

She ate and went to Adam to partake, and both ate of the forbidden fruit. The problem does not lie in the nature of the fruit, on whether or not it was an apple, but on the nature of the bite. Those were the deadliest and most famous bites conceivable for they had the power to destroy the source of all perfection which lies in subjection to God’s will, and to destroy perfect order through disorder; to deprive us of the dignity of our filiation to God, and to deliver us to the indignity of becoming the Devil affiliates.

God so sentenced the Devil:

Ø Enmity shall I put between thee and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; she shall crush thy head, whilst thou attempts to bite his heel.
Ø And Eve: I will multiply thy sorrows, and thy conceptions: in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children, and thou shalt be under thy husband's power, and he shall have dominion over thee.
Ø To Adam: Because thou hast hearkened to the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee, that thou shouldst not eat, cursed is the earth in thy work: with labour and toil shallst thou eat thereof all the days of thy life.

In the wonders and perils of all freedom Adam and Eve foremostly were the children of their works. Touching on the essence of nature as both the commandment and the temptation were worded, the wonders of attainable victory gave way to the ravages of dismal failure, and the kings of paradise became poor cavemen. The kings of Creation became pasture to wild animals. Brotherhood took the name of Cain; motherhood became abortion; self respect diluted itself in drunkenness; and where only men would have been, pansies fought to take their place.

The onslaught on human nature was such that it could be forgiven only once. To the very same role-reversal sin the following sentence applied: Therefore I say to you: Every sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but the blasphemy of the Spirit shall not be forgiven. (Mathew 12:31) It means eternal damnation.

The former objective reality which ruled, God himself in all things, had established freedom for the dignity of his creatures to be as real as Genesis itself portends:

"Let us make man to our image and likeness: and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth". (Gen. 1:26)

And real, total liberty, demands capacity for irrevocable decisions, even to the extent of irretrievable loss. Such was Satan’s for his own damnation; and so were Adam and Eve’s inflicting damage upon human nature as God confirms in Eve’s pains and subjection, and the new rebelliousness of nature to curse Adam’s toil. The damages went to the very foundations of the world and rebelliousness of man was punished by rebelliousness of nature against him.

This we inherited: A weakened nature and a feebler mind. A rebellious nature whose passions we cannot refrain. Add to this the propensity to lie and to be easily cheated, to deceive ourselves, to be self accommodating in uselessness and self destroying in vice.

From the gullibility of Eve humanity became especially prone to believe much idiocy. Simpletons would fall for mere words with no analysis whatsoever, to the extent that under the name of science stupidity and superstition could take over. Which would be your actual candidates for the following prophesy?: "And I saw from the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs. For they are the spirits of devils, working signs: and they go forth unto the kings of the whole earth, to gather them to battle against the great day of the Almighty God". (Rev. 16:13-14) Try to find better candidates than these three: Marx, Darwin and Freud.